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LBK-C22 is a controller with relay outputs that can manage up to 6 LBK-S01 sensors.

Easy to configure

The LBK-C22 Controller can be configured through the Inxpect Safety Application on a computer connected by USB.
The application allows adjusting the sensitivity levels, safety functions, dimensions of the safety area and pre-alarm area, and the functions of the input and output ports.


Connect the PC to the Controller USB port to configure the system through the Inxpect Safety App.


The LBK-C22 controller has one dual channel safety output, equipped with forced guided safety alarm relays and direct or indirect placement of the machinery in a safe condition.


LBK-C22 has three dual channel digital inputs and common reference potential to manage Muting functions, the machinery emergency button and the machinery restart enable button.


The LBK-C22 controller has two programmable auxiliary outputs that provide additional system status information. The outputs can be used to acquire alarm signals (entrance into the safety area), diagnostic signals (system errors) or indications about activation of muting status.

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Technical Details

LBK-C22 Control UNIT
Outputs 4 relay outputs:
1 dual channel safety output | 2 auxiliary outputs
Safety relay outputs Forced guided relays
Max voltage: 30 V dc | Max current: 8 A dc | Max power: 240W
Auxiliary relay outputs Electromechanical relays
Max voltage: 30 V dc | Max current: 2 A dc | Max power: 60W
Inputs 3 dual channel digital inputs with common GND:
1 type 1 | 1 type 2 | 1 type 3
Power supply 24 V dc (20–28 V dc) Max current: 0.6A
Consumption Max 3,8 W
Assembly DIN guide
Degree of protection IP20
Terminals Section: 2.5mm2 | Max Current: 12A with 2.5mm2 cables


2006/42/EC (MD – Machinery)
2014/53/EU (RED – Radio equipment)
IEC/EN 62061: 2005 SIL 2
EN ISO 13849-1: 2015 PL d
EN ISO 13849-2: 2012
IEC/EN 61496-1: 2013
IEC/EN 61508: 2010 Part 1-7 SIL 2
ETSI EN 300 440 v2.1.1
ETSI EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0 (only emissions)
ETSI EN 301 489-3 v2.1.1 (only emissions)
IEC/EN 61326-3-1: 2017
IEC/EN 61010-1: 2010