line reactor 1,9 A , 6,0 W

  • 139,00 EUR
MICROMASTER 4 Line reactor 200V-480V 3AC 1.9A Base FSA-3x 5.2MH not base with V20 Electrical reactor SINAMICS line reactor (base component) for the SINAMICS G120C compact converter and the SINAMICS S110 servo converter. The line reactor increases the level of protection for the converter against overvoltages, harmonics and commutation dips. To avoid reducing the life of a converter, a line reactor is required for a relative short-circuit voltage uk of the line transformer < 1%. The line reactors cover the single-phase voltage range 200 V to 240 V and the three-phase voltage range 200 V to 600 V. For frame sizes FSA to FSD they are available as a base component, and for frame size FSF, as a standalone version. The line reactor as a base component is available in frame size FSAA in a three-phase voltage range between 380 V and 480 V and in a power range between 0.55 kW and 1.5 kW. SINAMICS – simply my drive.
  • Article Number (Market Facing Number) 6SE6400-3CC00-2AD3
  • Product Description line reactor 1,9 A , 6,0 W
  • Net Weight (kg) 6 Kg
  • Quantity Min 1
  • Quantity Max 1
  • UPC
  • Country Of Origin DE
  • Product Status Delivery Release (PM300)
  • Order Unit -
  • Content Unit -
  • Packing Unit Code PA
  • GTIN 4019169453127
  • Width 92
  • Depth 7
  • Length 285
  • ETIM-7.0 EC002025

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