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ACS Otomasyon Eaton
ACS Otomasyon Inxpect
ACS Otomasyon Siemens Solution Partner

ACS automation, beginning in 2012, to serve in machine and process automation, has been established with expert staff in 2018. As with SIEMENS Solution Partner, in the first quarter of 2019 which is radar-based scanners have become the distributor Italian company Inxpect Turkey’s image. Our company continues its commercial life by buying dealership in Eaton automation and motor control products in 2020.Our company provides turnkey automation systems design and implementation, modernization projects, installation and commissioning, system integration, maintenance, service and consultancy, MOTION – PLC / SCADA system configuration and programming services.

Our priority is always to provide our customers with engineering support and appropriate solutions.

The benefit of working with experienced and specialized people when installing an automation system will be an invaluable value for the customer.

In this context, as ACS;
• Quick and trouble-free commissioning,
• Selection of controllers and equipment that can respond to the speed and requirements of the process,
• Accurate and complete documentation,
• Quick answers to problems after commissioning,
• Process pages that can be understood by operators and easy to adapt,
• Realistic alarms and electrical projects that will help find fault,
• We believe that we will add a lot of benefits like documentation defining the software.

The products and programs used in automation systems must be suitable for people who use them frequently. Solutions that are not standard or will not work on other products than the hardware used; in the future, if not now, there will be probable causes of the problems. As ACS, we give utmost attention to the fact that the program / hardware building blocks we use are common and standard. So whatever the hardware you choose, ACS always aims to provide you with standard, transferable engineering solutions.